SaaS-Based Mobile-centric Learning Management System (LMS) used to Create, Deliver, Track, Report Educational courses and outcomes 

Solution for Educational Institutions and Corporate Training companies looking for B2B and B2C Mobile Native Apps for Administrators, Teachers & Students

Try It Yourself

PitchMyBundle uses two android apps. Download these generic free apps and see things unfolding. 

a) Producer/Admin App : (for administrator)

1. Create Batches/classes

2. Create Assignments/courses

3. Assign Assignments to Batch

4. Add Student email to a Batch, create Auth-code and email (one time only)

b) Consumer App : (for Teacher & Student) 

4. Verify Auth-code received in Email

        5. Gets access to Batches and all its Assignments

What does it do?

PitchMyBundle is a mobile-centric Course/Assignment Delivery & Review Platform ideal for Corporate Training & Educational Institutes

Its a one-package solution to manage, track, deliver & review Assignments/Courses.

Objective (Generic)

Build a mobile-centric Template based generic platform that can be used for an institution or organization. It will provides an ecosystem to manage, track and deliver Templates to authorized users and/or groups. Template is a logical unit that accomplishes a task within a group or for an individual.


About a Template

Template is a logical unit that accomplishes a task end-2-end. For an HR of a company, tasks like leave management, Survey, Payroll, feedback can be accommodated in one or more templates. For a school, practice questions, assessments or lectures can be provided to students of a specific batch/class via templates. A corporate training company can provide reference material, quick drills, assessment tests based on training programs. For the same Template, Courses can be created for different training programs.